Privacy Policy

How we use your data?

We will respect your right to privacy and treat your personal data following all applicable laws.Converted MP3:We have designed texttospeech to be as private as possible.

When you visit a company web site, TextToSpeechservers send a cookie to your computer. Alone, cookies do not personally recognize you.

You remain anonymous unless you want to identify yourself with TextToSpeech. Session cookiescontinue during a browser session. They disappear when closing or leaving the browser.

Determined cookies remain after closing or quitting the browser. If you maim the web browser'scapacity to accept cookies, the functionality of the services may be altered, and you may not beable to successfully use the services.

Each time you log into the services, a session cookiecarrying an encrypted, unique identifier that is tied to your account is placed in your browser.

Session cookies allow to identify you and to process your online transactions and requests.

Cookies are required to use the services. TextToSpeech uses persistent cookies that only thefellowship can read and use to identify browsers that have earlier visited our web site.

Thecompany is careful about the security and confidentiality of the information saved in persistent cookies.

If you disable your web browser's ability to accept cookies, you will be able to drive thecompany's website, but you will not be able to successfully use the services.

Your rights: You have the right to request us about your data stored with us. You have the right to get falseinformation corrected or blocked or deleted.

You can revoke the right to use personal data foradvertisement purposes at any time.

If you want to make use of your rights as outlined before,please send us an email on [email protected]